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Hotel Condes del Pallars ***
Rialp, Pyrenees

Accomodation and activities for all!

In RV Hotels We have a wide range of active tourism with lots of adventure, sports and leisure activities so you can enjoy a great stay full of smiles and anecdotes.

Turismo en Familia

Discover the active family tourism of rosa dels vents

It is the most complete product of activities designed for families. We offer an intensive programme of animation and activities from the hand of the Rosa dels Vents monitors, fun is included in the price.

During the entire stay you will follow a defined program of activities with which you would not get bored a second!

You will meet other families with whom you will spend great moments, your children will make new friends and all together will have a more fun stay accompanied by the monitors Rosa dels Vents.

The active family tourism program on specific dates as Easter, some long weekends and the months of July and August, do not hesitate to ask for more information at the reception.

*Rosa dels Vents activities subject to availability. Check package rates.


Holidays to suit you! Ideal for families, couples, friends and groups that want to go at their pace. We help you design your holiday, you just have to decide what activity you want to do, among the variety that we propose and request information and prices at our reception.

Let yourselves be guided by our staff who will advise you the activity that best suits your needs such as:

  • Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Hiking in the National Parc Aigües Tortes
  • Hydrospeed
  • Snowshoes

Among many others!

If your stay coincides with the program of active family tourism of Rosa dels Vents, the nightlife as well as the activities carried out in the swimming pool, they are already included in the price. You will be more than welcome, and you can join without extra charge.

If you want other activities proposed in the programme of active family tourism, ask information and prices at the reception.

Turismo en Familia

Animation and activities with the monitors of Rosa dels Vents!

The monitors of Rosa dels Vents will give color and smile to your stay with the best animation and accompany you during all the activities! Assured fun: Rosa dels Vents has more than 40 years of experience and is the only leisure company in Catalonia with the ISO 9001-2000 quality certification for its integral management.

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